Why Choose Suncrest Subdivision

            It’s not easy making a decision especially when it comes to choosing a home, but Suncrest Subdivision proves to be an easy choice. Here are the reasons why:

The Location

            Encircling 3,900 acres of canyon, trails, Gambel Oak, and homes high on the East Bench of Draper Utah, Suncrest is a scenic community. It is no wonder why Suncrest Subdivision is one of the most sought-after homes. Despite the metropolitan life, residents can still afford to have a 360 degree panoramic shot while standing atop the Traverse Ridge overlooking Salt Lake Valley, Mount Timpanogas, and Utah Lake.

The Amenities

            The lifestyle of the residents is very much dream-like as Suncrest offers relaxing amenities. The neighborhood parks are made for long trail hiking and biking. There is also a community center located on top of the mountain. It serves as a venue for onsite fitness center, aerobic room, multipurpose room, swimming pool w/lazy river, slide, and hot tub.

The People

            The residents themselves are the pride of Suncrest. They are different people surely basing on their backgrounds. Some are self-employed, others are executives, and some are stay-at-home parents. But regardless of such differences, these residents are seen going in for conversations and smiling to one another upon passing by. They surely are real blessings especially to those who’ve recently moved in.

            Beautiful surroundings, useful amenities, and hospitable neigbors: these three are the perfect combination in making the right choice of home!