Even with its 37 inches snowfall, there is a warm feeling of home in Vineyard, Utah. Started as a town and later certified as a city in 2016, its newness brings a refreshing glow to one’s life.

            Vineyard measures 16.5 square kilometers. It may be small but it shouldn’t be underestimated since it is an ever growing city. It has designed a wholly new downtown with a city hall, library, and other shops. There will also be a major intermodal hub which features buses, FrontRunner, and Trax.

            Not only does the growth happen downtown but it also shows in education. Utah Valley University plans to extend its campus westward into Vineyard. By 2021, Vineyard campus will have an intramural soccer field with a track and field, business resource center, and a sports stadium. And in 2026, the campus will proudly have an ampitheater, tennis courts, and conference center.

            The little city proves to be liveable as its unemployment rate has decreased t0 2.8% as of 2018. Its leading industries very good for employment are Finance and Insurance, Retail Trade, and Manufacturing. Job growth is indeed positive in the city! You can be a part of that growth too.

With all that Vineyard can offer, what’s more to ask? Get ready for the big life found in the little city!