Sunset Heights is beautiful place for home located in Orem, Utah. The residential homes are appealingly crafted with elegance and simplicity combined. What a pleasing sight that transcends into a pleasing feeling.


            The houses are lined up in the sides of the road, perfectly complimenting one another in visual appeal and giving enough spaces for neighbors to form just the right amount of camaraderie. It’s the usual suburb feeling of home and coziness.


            Residential homes aren’t the only ones given attention as there are apartments all ready and set to make someone feel at home. The concrete walls and sturdy ceilings give enough warmth and feeling of security. A person can easily sit back and relax while reading a book or binge-watch a TV show as the raindrops tap on the window or the sunrays pass through. No matter the weather, Sunset Heights makes it feel like home.


            Of course, there are apartments for students of the Utah Valley University (UVU). It is the most convenient neighborhood since UVU is located on its borders. Not only is Sunset Heights the place best for students because of its proximity, but the students can also find relaxation during stressful times when they roam around to see open spaces of wide farms and orchards.


            Beautiful when sunny and beautiful when rainy. Some houses long established and some newly constructed. Places both elegant and simple. Sunset Heights is indeed a unique beauty in Orem!