Looking for a peaceful home for your family? Then Orem is the place for you! This is the city located just 45 miles south of Salt Lake City. Living here is hassle-free as it has an average commute time of 16 minutes often to its neighboring city, Provo.


            Unlike other towns or cities where you have to worry about security, Orem offers a kind of safety that’s never been felt before. Having the record as one of the cities with low crime rates, you can be sure that your family can live without anxious thoughts and terrible fears.


            Aside from feeling safe, your kids will surely have a fun and memorable childhood in Orem as the city has established facilities intending to make your young ones happy. One of the facilities includes the scenic water playground with waterfalls designed to look like the nearby Bridal Veil Falls and Mount Timpanogos. The water playground is new as it opened its doors to all just the summer of last year.


            Also, the All-Together Playground is available to special-needs children. There are ramps, a soft foam floor, and rides for your young ones who use wheelchairs.


            Not only your kids can make memories but you and your partner can too! Because Orem is beautifully placed between Utah Lake to the west and the majestic Wasatch Mountains to the east, you are in for a date featuring picturesque views and outdoor activities. What a lovely way to bond! Plus, you can also bring your children with you for camera-worthy picnics.


            Pack your bags and take the first step in living the best family life in Orem.

The beautiful view of Orem, Utah