The wonderful city of Orem takes pride on its homey neighborhood, Northridge. Children play making the most of their childhood, married couples indulge in a place contributing peace to their partnership, and friends treat each other like families.

            Playgrounds are around Northridge catching the eye of the little ones. As they exclaim, “weeee!” on the slides and swings, mothers can catch up on relatable conversations with their fellow moms. Under the heat of the sun, children form bonds with each other and enjoy what it means to be young and free of the world’s dilemmas.

            Despite all the fun and play, the children’s education is not forgotten. Northridge Elementary School has been teaching bright young kids for almost forty years. The school is undoubtedly well-known! Providing education in chorus, orchestra, and ballroom dances, there is fun during learning.

            The lush greenery of the place accompanied with the golden bright of the sun makes it a movie-like date for partners--married or dating. The road is smooth and the lanes go for miles and it surely adds a laid-back feeling on the date when passing by beautiful homes with trees on the front lawn.

            Speaking of passing by, smiles are shared when friends bump along each other. Some even pause to have a fast friendly casual conversation. Nobody is treated like a stranger in Northridge. Smiling neighbors are enough to brighten up one’s gloomy day.

            Whatever age and whatever status, Northridge feels like home. So don’t hesitate. Northridge has homes for all . . . including YOU.