The happiest faces are found in the right places. In this case, Bonneville is the place to be. Located in Orem City, Bonneville is a wondrous place filled with people whose faces alone could brighten up one’s day! What keeps these people happy? The great things Bonneville can offer, of course.

            One of Bonneville’s prides is the Bonneville Elementary School where students can hone their skills, increase their knowledge, develop intellectual skills, and acquire a kind of education that gives a profound impact. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the school is excellent since the facilities are well-maintained, keeping that vibe that gives off the will to study. The library is organized and the yellow chairs are ready for a child’s experience of an impactful read.

            Aside from learning, what keeps a happy expression on a person’s face in Bonneville are the restaurants and how diverse they are. There’s Maria Bonita Mexican Grill, Bangkok Grill, Taco Amigo, and the Chinese restaurant, Rice Wok. Who knew that eating in Bonneville can mean a trip around the world?

            Peace is also attained as the surroundings are clean and the blades of grass bear glimmering dews tenderly touching one’s feet. In the park, you get to see a lot of people, young and old, flash identical smiles.

                  Their smiles are evidences to Bonneville being a happy place indeed!