The Best Places to Eat Pizza in Orem, Utah


            Just a crunch of a crust and the taste of cheese, every homeowner of Orem, Utah surely experiences the mouthwatering temptation and palatable glow.

            The homes and properties in Orem are made even more special because the pizza fans get a taste of the best pizza houses out there.


            Here is the list of the best pizzas that can be found in Orem:


Ø  Pizzeria Seven Twelve

Ø  Blaze Pizza

Ø  Lucy’s New York Style Pizzeria

Ø  MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company

Ø  Pizza Pie Café

Ø  Hungry Howie’s Pizza

Ø  5 Buck Pizza

Ø  Papa John’s Pizza

Ø  Little Caesars Pizza

Ø  California Pizza Kitchen at University Mall

Ø  Domino’s Pizza

Ø  Pizza Hut

Ø  Terra Mia

Ø  Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza

Ø  Domino’s Pizza

Ø  Pizza Hut Express


We got a long list of pizza houses for you. Find the right pizza for you when living in Orem, Utah.